Secure Law Center Aims to Help Those Facing Foreclosure, by Yuriy Shor

A graduate of Georgia State University’s Robinson College of Business, Yuriy Shor holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting. After several successful accounting positions and internships with a variety of firms, Yuriy Shor now works at Secure Law Firm in Atlanta.

Founded more than 30 years ago, Freeman, Saxton & Associates, P.C. (Secure Law Firm) is a law firm designed to provide help to homeowners who may be experiencing a variety of problems. The staff at Secure Law Firm, including Yuriy Shor, strives to provide the highest possible quality of individual legal services to its clients in the Atlanta area.

The Secure Law Firm’s areas of practice include assisting clients in avoiding residential and commercial property foreclosures, ensuring that the foreclosing agents have taken all the necessary steps in the foreclosure process, helping businesses facing foreclosure to negotiate short-sales of commercial properties, deficiency claims, real-estate litigation, mortgage fraud, debt-collection defense, and bankruptcy.

At Secure Law Firm, Yuriy Shor works with the firm’s clients from the beginning to the conclusion of their case and negotiates with banks directly to help ensure that the client’s home is not foreclosed or that the foreclosure date is postponed.


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