“Getting Your Bachelor of Arts in Accounting,” by Yuriy Shor

If you are planning to hone your accounting skills, it is recommended that you first enroll in a high-quality undergraduate program. The School of Accountancy at Georgia State University’s J. Mack Robinson School of Business is an excellent place to start.

Students in the School of Accountancy program at Georgia State University learn technical and accounting knowledge and skills. Some of these skills include corporate tax planning, financial reporting, and management advisory services.

If you are not yet decided whether you want to major in accounting, you might want to start with the school’s two introductory accounting courses, Principles of Accounting I and II. These courses use an integrated approach to solve various business issues.

A variety of exciting job opportunities are open to students with degrees in accounting. With your degree, you can be an assurance associate, bookkeeper/office manager, accounts receivable specialist, and auditor.

For more information about the program, please visit robinson.gsu.edu.

About Yuriy Shor: Mr. Shor is an alumnus of Georgia State University. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Accounting in 2012.


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