The Georgia State University School of Accountancy

For the last two years Yuriy Shor has worked as a case negotiator at Freeman Saxton & Associates, PC, formerly known as the Secure Law Center. Prior to joining the Atlanta-based firm, Yuriy Shor earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting at Georgia State University.

At the Georgia State University School of Accountancy, students receive comprehensive, up-to-date coursework designed to teach both basic accounting skills and higher-level analytical techniques, which are necessary for success in the accounting industry today. The accounting program has been deliberately planned to prepare students for further education in the field. The university has also structured the undergraduate program to serve as a springboard into careers or continued education in law or business management.

Through the Business Mediterranean Style and Emerging Economies programs, undergraduates are given opportunities to travel abroad to countries like Russia, South Africa, Greece, and Turkey. The school offers a number of accounting scholarships, such as the George Allen Chance III Scholarship and the Henry F. Stabler Award.


Georgia Perimeter College Student Government Association Membership

A graduate of Georgia State University, Yuriy Shor earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting. Yuriy Shor also possesses an associate’s degree in business administration from Georgia Perimeter College, where he served as the student government association (SGA) president.

Georgia Perimeter College’s SGA organization is made up of an executive, legislative, and judicial branch. Serving as the voice of the student body, SGA works with students, the administration, and community members to sponsor events, allocate activity funds, and maintain order through the school’s student court system.

Students interested in becoming a part of Georgia Perimeter College’s SGA must submit an application by the designated deadline and agree to fulfill the position requirements. Among the requirements are attending all senate meetings, participating in campus leadership programs, and completing weekly office hours. To be considered for the SGA governing body, applicants must have and maintain a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 and be enrolled in school at least part-time. In addition, the candidate must attach to his or her application a petition showing the support of 25 students and an outline of their intentions while in office.

The Georgia Perimeter College Student Government Association

Prior to earning his bachelor of business administration in accounting at the Georgia State University Robinson College of Business, Yuriy Shor obtained an associate degree in business administration from Georgia Perimeter College. While there, Yuriy Shor was elected president of the Student Government Association (SGA).

The Georgia Perimeter College SGA governs according to its Constitution, a document that outlines the rules and explains the checks and balances of the organization. According to the document, the SGA can appoint student representatives to various school committees to ensure that the student body’s interests are represented.

Much like the US government, the SGA performs duties through several branches: executive, judicial, and legislative, as well as a programming board, known as the Jaguar Activity Group, or JAG. Candidates for JAG undergo an extensive application and interview process. Once assembled, JAG members maintain responsibility for planning educational and entertainment events for students at the college.