Homeowners Can Fight a Foreclosure

An accounting and tax professional, Yuriy Shor began working at Freeman, Saxton & Associates, PC, in 2012. As a case negotiator with the firm, Yuriy Shor worked with mortgage lenders to adjust foreclosure terms, which helped clients keep possession of their homes.

Fighting a foreclosure is one of the many options a homeowner can choose when served with a notice. Using a qualified attorney, a homeowner charged with foreclosure can enter into legal proceedings in an effort to keep his or her home. Legal action must commence within 30 days of the notice, at which time the homeowner’s attorney obtains documentation showing negligent record keeping, attempted mortgage inflation, and other paperwork that serves as justification to overturn the foreclosure ruling.

During the litigation process, the homeowner is not required to make monthly payments. In addition, the homeowner can look into other options to help them financially, including making modifications to their existing loan, moving out, and selling the property.