The Georgia State University School of Accountancy

For the last two years Yuriy Shor has worked as a case negotiator at Freeman Saxton & Associates, PC, formerly known as the Secure Law Center. Prior to joining the Atlanta-based firm, Yuriy Shor earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting at Georgia State University.

At the Georgia State University School of Accountancy, students receive comprehensive, up-to-date coursework designed to teach both basic accounting skills and higher-level analytical techniques, which are necessary for success in the accounting industry today. The accounting program has been deliberately planned to prepare students for further education in the field. The university has also structured the undergraduate program to serve as a springboard into careers or continued education in law or business management.

Through the Business Mediterranean Style and Emerging Economies programs, undergraduates are given opportunities to travel abroad to countries like Russia, South Africa, Greece, and Turkey. The school offers a number of accounting scholarships, such as the George Allen Chance III Scholarship and the Henry F. Stabler Award.